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Scholarship Students

The types of scholarships include Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship and Government Scholarship of Shandong Province. The scholarship covers costs and fees of tuition, housing, medical treatment and living etc.


I. If you want to know the information of your scholarship type and detailed contents, please see your Letter of Admission from Ludong University .

II. Living Allowances

If your scholarship covers your monthly living allowance, please pay attention to the information as follows

•The university will open a bank account and prepare a Bank Card (from China Construction Bank) for you on the day of registration, and the living allowances of first month will be granted on that day. To do that, your letter of admission and a photocopy of your passport will be needed.

•The living allowances will be transferred into your account of China Construction Bank monthly, on 20th to 25th of the previous month.

•Freshmen who register before the 15th of the registration month will get the full stipend allowance of this month; those who register afterwards will get half amount.

•For graduates, the stipend allowance will be given until 15 days after the graduation date.

•The stipend allowance will be terminated from the next month after the students suspend their studies, drop or graduate from the university.

•Monthly living allowance covers school holidays.

•The allowance will be suspended for one month if the students do not register on time without permission in advance, leave without persuasive reasons or are absent from the school for over a month. The allowance will be suspended withheld for one semester if the students are absent from the school without permission for over two months.

•The allowance standard during the period of Chinese language studies will be the same with that of the degree-seeking period.

•Students who need to get the allowance in advance due to personal reasons are required to submit their application to the International Students Division 2 working days before ahead of time.

III. Accommodation

If your scholarship covers accommodation, please pay attention to the information as follows:

Ludong University provides dormitories on campus, including single rooms and double rooms.

•The dormitory is available after you finish the registration procedure register. If you are not satisfied with the dormitory we provide, you can also choose to find off-campus living residences on your own by yourself. The treatment of accommodation will be cancelled automatically, and the dormitory will not be reserved.

  IV. Insurance and Medical Care

•Chinese Government Scholarship students whose scholarship covers the medical care will have the benefit of the medical insurance paid by the Chinese government, while others have to buy the insurance either before or after their arrival in China .

•For Confucius Institute Scholarship students whose scholarship covers the medical care, you need first buy the required medical insurance, and then come to the International Students Division with the receipt for reimbursement.


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