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The Procedure of Enrollment & Registration

    All students have to register on their designated day of registration. Students are required to arrive no later than the day of registration (specific date is written on the admission letter). Those who will be arriving late must write a letter to the International Students Section via fax (86-535-6697578) or email (ldulxs@126.com), informing the staff of your late arrival and its reasons.

    Students who have not registered after two 2 weeks since their designated day of registration will be dismissed from the university.


    Students must bring the following documents:

    1. Letter of Admission from Ludong University (original)

    2. Form of Visa Application for Study in China (also known as the JW201/JW202 form) (original)

    3. Valid passport and visa

    4. Photos in passport size 2-inch photos with white background (at least 3 copies)

    ·Please keep in mind that no one can register on your behalf. Students must have cleared their tuition fees and insurance payment by the end of the day of registration. Otherwise, the registration process cannot be completed.

    Registration Procedures

    1. To get to Room 202, College of International Education , submit the required documents, clear their tuition fees and insurance payment, and get the Registration Certificate and Handbook for International Students.

    2. To get to Room 3104, Dormitory for International Students to check in.

    3. To enroll and register at your own schools or faculties with Registration Certificate, and then take the placement test and purchase textbooks.

    4. To obtain Student’s Identity Card, Campus E-Card and Library Card 3-4 weeks after registration.


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